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Best Feeding Bowl for French Bulldog | Frenchies Will Eat with Ease with These Bowls

The best feeding bowls for French Bulldogs aren’t the same as for other breeds. Their short snouts can make it difficult for them to eat from narrow or deep dishes, and they can have trouble swallowing and holding down food due to their flat faces and short necks. So it’s extra important that the best feeding bowl for french bulldog helps them eat with ease.

The best bowls for Frenchies are shallow and wide. Also look for dishes that are durable, easy to clean, and hold enough food for your pup. Avoid raised dishes unless recommended by your veterinarian, as they can increase your dog’s risk of deadly bloat.

In this article, we’ll discuss the four best bowls for French Bulldogs and what to look for when purchasing.

Features of the Best French Bulldog Food Bowl

When aiming to purchase the best dog bowls for your Frenchie, consider the following:


Shallow, wide bowls are best for French Bulldogs because they can easily get to their food. Remember that your Frenchie doesn’t have a long snout to fit into tight spaces or to reach into deep bowls.


Metal and ceramic bowls are best because they are durable, difficult for dogs to chew, and hold up longer.

Silicone bowls are good for non-chewers as they aren’t porous like some other plastics, but they may not hold up as well as ceramic or metal.


The design of a bowl is also very important. You don’t just want a bowl that matches your decor or looks nice (although that’s definitely a plus!) but one that’s designed well for your Frenchie to eat from.

Some Frenchie guardians have success with raised feeders to correct health problems such as regurgitating food, which is common in flat-faced breeds. However, raised bowls have also been linked to GDV (also known as bloat), which is a deadly condition in dogs.

I recommend keeping your Frenchie’s bowl on the floor unless they have health conditions that can be helped by a raised feeder. In this case, please consult your veterinarian to see if a raised bowl might benefit them.

There are also “slow feeder” bowls with grooves inside of the bowl to slow your Frenchie’s eating. This is beneficial, but sometimes it’s difficult for flat-faced dogs to use them as the spacing is too tight or the bowl is too deep.

Slow feeders can help reduce the risk of both regurgitation and bloat, so you may want to try these before raised feeders if your dog is having problems.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your Frenchie’s bowl after every meal is important to keeping mealtime safe. Unwashed bowls harbor bacteria and can make your dog sick. That said, we all want bowls that are as easy as possible to clean!

A heavy bowl with a grippy bottom will stop your Frenchie from spilling their food, creating a big mess. It’s also a pro if their bowl is dishwasher safe. Of course, not all Frenchies tip their bowls over, and not all people have dishwashers–so these are simply things to keep in mind if they apply to you!

Another thing to consider is that plastic and silicone bowls can be chewed and damaged more easily. Plastic is also porous and can hold bacteria more than steel, silicone, or ceramic bowls, resulting in canine acne.

Best Feeding Bowls for French Bulldogs

1. FRISCO Stainless Steel Taper Non-Skid Cat Bowl


Though this FRISCO bowl is made for cats, it’s also great for small dogs like Frenchies. The bowl tapers in front so that it’s easy for flat faced dogs to eat from, but the back is taller so it can hold more food.

The raised side also helps food to stay in the bowl when compared to dishes that are shallow on all sides.

Features include:

  • A rubber grip to prevent the bowl from moving around on the floor
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel
  • A tapered front for easy access
  • Holds up to one cup of food

2. CatGuru Cat Food Bowl

CatGuru Cat Food Bowl

The CatGuru cat food bowl is another dish designed for cats that is great for Frenchies and other flat-faced breeds as well.

Like the FRISCO, it has a shallow side that’s easy for your Frenchie to eat from and a raised side that keeps food in the bowl.

Features include:

  • A slip-proof silicone mat
  • Dishwasher-safe ceramic in multiple colors
  • A shallow front so your Frenchie can reach into the bowl with ease
  • Holds up to two cups of food

3. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

outward hound

This Outward Hound slow feeder dish is made especially for flat faced breeds like French Bulldogs. It contains shallow squares to hold food, which will slow down your Frenchie’s eating to help prevent choking and decrease their chances of developing regurgitation or bloat.

This bowl might be a bit messier than the others because it’s shallow all around, but it will also slow their eating more efficiently.

Like most slow feeders, it is plastic and may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. However, their skin won’t be touching it much either because of the low sides!

Features include:

  • A non-slip bottom
  • Dishwasher-safe, food-safe plastic in a charming pale green
  • Shallow edges for easy access
  • Designed to slow your Frenchie’s eating
  • Holds up to one and a half cups of food

4. AIPERRO Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

AIPERRO Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

This metal slow feeder from AIPERRO will slow your Frenchie’s eating without making it impossible for them to get into small crevices.

It’s shallow and wide, and the company offers a lifetime warranty–so the product is sure to last! It doesn’t come with an anti-slip mat, but they do recommend purchasing one separately.

Features include:

  • Dishwasher-safe metal with a cute paw print design on the inside of the dish
  • Shallow sides for easy access
  • Designed to slow your Frenchie’s eating
  • Holds up to two cups of food

I hope this article has helped you to learn more about the best feeding bowls for French Bulldogs. Remember to look for wide bowls with shallow edges, easy to clean dishes, and consider whether you’d like other features such as slow feeders, a raised edge for less mess, and an aesthetic design that looks nice in your home.

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