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French Bulldog Cost | The Full Cost of a French Bulldog – Food, Vetting, and More

French Bulldog Cost
Here’s everything you need to know about French Bulldog cost and associated prices.

French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are popular little dogs with short snouts, large ears, and big, puppy-dog eyes. They’re known for being affectionate, playful, and sometimes stubborn.

French Bulldog cost can vary considerably depending on where you adopt them, whether they develop health problems, and more. Remember to factor feeding costs, supplies, and pet insurance into your budget.

Budgeting before you bring your new Frenchie home is crucial, as it helps you to know whether you can afford them! Not everyone can handle the expenses that come with owning a dog, and Frenchies tend to be more expensive than many.

In this article, we’ll discuss the full cost of a French Bulldog, from French Bulldog puppy price to lifetime expenses.

Factors that Impact French Bulldog Puppy Price

French Bulldog puppy prices can vary depending on the breeder, their location, and the color of the puppy. Breeders with famous or award-winning dogs will charge more for the puppies, as will those living in an area with a high cost of living.

Some breeders will charge more for coat color as well. For instance, the brindle French Bulldog price tends to be on the lower end of the spectrum since it’s a common coat pattern. The blue French Bulldog price as well as lilac and merle French Bulldog prices may run higher.

French Bulldog Price | How Much do French Bulldogs Cost?

French Bulldog prices typically range from $1,500-$5,000 or more. Some Frenchie puppies cost tens of thousands of dollars!

The best Frenchie breeders will usually sit in the middle when it comes to pricing. Too cheap of a price, and you’re likely dealing with a puppy mill or backyard breeder who didn’t put in the resources for health testing and other necessities.

Too high in price, and you’re also very likely dealing with puppy mills or backyard breeders looking to make money. It’s likely that they’re putting little money into their dogs since they’re looking to get the maximum profits.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons a breeder may charge more, such as the puppies coming from an award-winning line of show dogs.

When looking to adopt a Frenchie, it’s important to note that there aren’t really reputable French Bulldog breeders. Some are better than others, but all are breeding brachycephalic (short-snouted) dogs that are genetically predisposed to health problems.

A reputable rescue is the best and cheapest place to adopt a French Bulldog. Be sure to research thoroughly, avoiding rescues with an abundance of young puppies. Puppy mills do sometimes pose as rescues in order to sell their dogs more easily.

Usually, rescue Frenchies will cost under $500 for an adoption fee. These dogs are typically already vetted, up-to-date on vaccines, and spayed or neutered.

Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed in the United States. There’s a high demand for these cute pups, which means breeders can charge more than they might for less popular breeds.

Breeding French Bulldogs is also quite expensive. Frenchies usually need to be artificially inseminated. Because they cannot safely have natural births, they also require C-sections.

Both of these procedures need to be done by a vet, which gets expensive. In order to recuperate even part of the costs they put into their dogs, breeders tend to charge more for Frenchies than for breeds who can get pregnant and give birth naturally.

Of course, there are also other costs involved such as other veterinary care, feeding, housing, toys, and other items the mother or puppies need before going to their new homes.

French Bulldog prices can also range based on the rarity of their coat colors and based on the breeder. The best breeders won’t be cheap, but are also unlikely to charge at the highest end of the spectrum–and they’re not going to change prices based on coat color.

Hidden Costs of Owning a French Bulldog

If you’ve had a dog before, most French Bulldog costs won’t come as a surprise. However, you might be stunned at the cost of vet bills or pet insurance, because these things tend to cost much more for Frenchies than other breeds. There are many health issues French Bulldogs face that should be considered ahead of time.

Below are the costs you should consider before adopting a Frenchie.

  • $50-$200+ for initial purchases: Initial purchases for a Frenchie include leashes, collars, harnesses, food bowls, dog beds, crates, toys, and anything else you’ll need to buy before bringing them home. Also think about household purchases such as baby gates, fencing for the yard, and anything else you’ll need to buy in order to provide a safe and appropriate environment for your pup.
  • $100+ yearly for replacing items (potentially more during the puppy years): If you adopt a French Bulldog puppy, you’ll almost definitely have to replace some household items. Puppies chew a lot, especially while teething! Also consider the costs to purchase new toys, replace collars and leashes, and more. Not everything you buy for your Frenchie will last, and some things will be outgrown as well.
  • $20-60+ monthly for food: Feeding a Frenchie is relatively cheap since they’re small dogs. I recommend choosing a veterinarian-recommended food brand that meets WSAVA guidelines. By choosing the brand before you bring your Frenchie home, you’ll know how much it’ll cost you to feed them each month.
  • $30+ for initial grooming supplies: Grooming costs are also relatively low for this breed. You’ll need to purchase things such as a brush, nail clippers, dog shampoo, dog toothpaste, and a toothbrush. While you can bring your Frenchie to a professional groomer, it’s typically not necessary.
  • $0-$500+ for training: Training your Frenchie can be free, or you can opt for either group classes or individual sessions with a trainer. Group classes tend to be the least expensive of the two. Remember to only use force-free methods with your pup, no matter which route you choose.
  • $300-$10,000+ a year for veterinary care: Veterinary care can range drastically, especially without pet insurance. Even if you’re lucky and your Frenchie doesn’t develop expensive health problems, you can expect to pay for spay or neuter surgery, vaccines, and yearly check-ups at the veterinarian. If your Frenchie does have health problems, I’ve spoken to people who’ve paid tens of thousands in vet bills.
  • $200-$1,000 yearly for pet Insurance (which can help save on vet costs!): Pet insurance is more expensive for Frenchies for good reason–the insurance companies expect to pay more in veterinary costs throughout a Frenchie’s life than for other dogs. You should expect this as well, which means purchasing pet insurance as soon as you bring your Frenchie home.

Of course, all of the above costs can vary based on where you live, the quality of items you buy, your Frenchie’s health, and more.

It’s important to plan ahead for expected costs so that your Frenchie receives the best care possible and you don’t end up having to either neglect their needs or rehome them. That’s a tough situation to be in, for both human families and Frenchies!

While it’s not always avoidable, it is important to know that French Bulldogs are expensive pets and plan accordingly.

Finding a Reasonably-Priced French Bulldog

No one wants to spend more than they have to, even on a beloved new pet! However, when adopting a dog, you should never automatically go toward the cheapest option.

Breeders selling cheap Frenchies are almost always going to be either puppy mills or backyard breeders. You want to avoid these at all costs.

The best way to adopt a French Bulldog at a cheaper price is to look at your local shelters, rescues, and rehoming groups.

Because they’re so popular, most Frenchies won’t stay at the shelter long. You’ll likely have the best luck looking for breed-specific rescues in your area and waiting until they have a dog that’s suitable for you.

It’s still just as important to do your research here as with a breeder! Look for red flags such as a rescue having several litters of young, purebred puppies–this likely means they’re a puppy mill operating under false pretenses.

People rehoming their Frenchies should charge a small adoption fee, as this stops bad actors from taking the dogs for cruel purposes like dog fighting. However, they shouldn’t be charging the same prices as breeders.

Rarely, you might find someone rehoming their Frenchie for free–especially if you know someone personally who can no longer care for their dog. However, this is pretty uncommon, especially for such a sought-after breed.

Frequently Asked Questions about French Bulldog Cost

How much does a French bulldog puppy cost?

French Bulldog puppies can cost anywhere from $1,500-$20,000. This is a wide range, and most puppies will fall nearer to $3,000-$5,000.

It’s good to pay more for proper health testing, good lineage, and if your breeder lives in an area with a high cost of living. Some breeders charge more for less reputable reasons, such as coat color or to make a profit.

Is owning a French Bulldog worth the investment?

Personally, I think rescuing a French Bulldog is worth the investment so long as you can afford it! Your dog will pay you back with years of love and affection. Frenchies are funny, friendly little dogs who are sure to make you smile.

However, some people who can afford other breeds simply can’t afford the care of a French Bulldog. Many french bulldogs have expensive health issues, like french bulldog breathing issues, that the average person cannot afford, which is why pet insurance is especially vital.

Lastly, Frenchies are very often not ethically bred. Adopting from a breeder isn’t worthwhile in my opinion, as it supports poor breeding practices. I’d suggest adopting another breed from a reputable breeder or looking at rescue Frenchies in your area instead.

Can adoption or rescue lower the cost of a French Bulldog?

Yes! You’ll almost always pay less to adopt a Frenchie than to purchase one from a breeder. Shelters and rescues often vet the dogs as well. They’re likely to have them spayed or neutered, and they may be up-to-date on vaccines, saving you even more money long-term.

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